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  • Redrew the how to draw manga guy. Never used that particular book. Just redrew DBZ characters in my
  • AVAILABLE on REDBUBBLE and TEEPUBLIC NOW! Recently, my PandaFrisian* tee design, to celebrate the series finale, was taken
  • Oh man, there’s egg on my face. I made an error and  @crepuscularcult_of_abstract  rightly set me on the
  • The Time is NOW! The  #DOTBOTS  have gathered and taken a graduating class photo you can now wear!
  • Inosuke, the pig headed good boy of the group! Hey do you want your very own Inosuke on
  • Wish her characterization was independent of her brother’s, but still love her nonetheless. Interesting how she’ll develop in
  • Ok, might just do them all. Tanjirou is so adorable! Once again, process in my story!!!! ______  #torontoillustrator 
  • Watched DemonSlayer in like 2 days. Love how the focus is on empathy and bonds forged instead of
  • Had a nostalgic stroll in the past few weeks, and rediscovered a beloved children's show produced in Quebec;