Hexagon Stand

A great friend of mine wanted a plant stand and I wasn’t going to let him go out and immediately purchase a generic stand from a big box store ( IKEA or CanadianTire for example.) He would be gifted a handcrafted original—after a small wait. Due to the demanding schedule of the Carpentry program I’m enrolled in and the rainy spring weather, I couldn’t set up my workstation outdoors, the project was postponed for a couple of months.

Once the weather was more agreeable and my workload lessened, I quickly sketched out a design. A hexagonal tripod after learning how to layout out the polygon. Afterwards it was a simple process of cutting down the sides using a circular saw, sanding and measuring out the legs, which run of the mill 1-2″ dowels. After a few glamour shots, a dark stain to help bring out the grain of the pine and protect it. A last minute touch as the addition of a few coats of Plasti-Dip to increase the slip-resistance of the stand (don’t worry, I redid them at least 3 times to get a perfect seam. Sadly, I forgot to snap a few pictures of the final results ????)

It stands at around 10 in (25.4 cm) tall and 10.25 in (26.3 cm) wide, making it a almost square little piece of furniture. It truly delighted my friend, and was the perfect addition to their home.

All in all, this was fun small project using new skills and techniques I’m currently learning. Maybe I’ll make more in the future…