Jungle Backpack

Back view of a small backpack with a green leafy pattern

There used to be a backpack I would tote around every summer. It was pint sized, perfect for quick excursions in the city. Light, sturdy and compact. If an item was brought along, it had to fit in the minuscule sack and serve a purpose. Minimalism at it’s finest?

Unfortunately, that perfect little bag met its end. Obviously, the only thing left to do was to tear it apart and reconstruct it using my burgeoning sewing skills.

Below is the final product. It even has a Glow-in-the-dark zipper! Found some outdoor canvas upholstery in the now-defunct FabricLand and cobbled the bag together using some notions I had laying around.

Doubtless, this jungle-flair backpack has it’s imperfections and served its purpose as a teaching moment for the time being. Now to reiterate and cut up some new patterns!

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