Anti Racism Resources!

  • A vengeful Goddess doling out justice to the wicked. She gives me swamp witch vibes (not a bad
  • "An enveloping presence, the night goddess sees all, quietly biding her time." Haven't been able to sleep through
  • Had a little bit of inspiration and drew this today. Would you want to get a tattoo of
  • My first ever children's book is being printed and will drop soon! Can't wait to hold a copy
  • When I had the chance to create a song cover for a Haitian musician, it felt a little
  • Modelled my logo in  #blender  for a *secret* project but I couldn’t keep it under wraps for too
  • Some of us squirreled away a VHS tape of queer moments recorded from TV. For pride this year,
  • Brooklyn Bird, the protagonist of  #Wundrasate . Always imagined this scene would take place somewhere in the midpoint of
  • Commission for  @mattdurantstudio , a portrait featuring the ideation and creative process. ______  #torontoillustrator   #portraitdrawing   #abstractartwork   #figurativedrawing   #psychedelic   #tradigitalart