On 3D

This past few months, I’ve been learning how to 3D model. It’s something I’ve always yearned to learn but felt it was too late to do so. However, this year I challenged myself to explore more avenues of expression. Not only to develop skills, but also to keep illustration fresh and fun.

I tend to simply jump into a new discipline with little forethought as a way to jump-start the process. The hardest part is always just the start. The problem with this is obviously how overwhelming it becomes.

Especially when it comes to Blender. A fantastic and free 3D modelling software. The learning curve is steep but totally worth it. Immediate feedback helps tremendously.

After dropping off for a couple of weeks, I decided to dedicate November as the month of 3D! This meant following tutorials from the Blender Tutorial Bible. Using more YouTube tutorials as supplement and really deepening my burgeoning skills.

As you can see in the above picture, a few directed tutorials can really help.

I still have tons to learn. Rigging, lighting, textures and UV, etc. Each facet deserving deep dives. An exciting new skill set I can’t wait to integrate into my workflow. Enjoy more examples of recent renders below. 

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