The Great Stuffy Takeover


It can be a challenge to keep your home from becoming overwhelmed with clutter and messes caused by too many stuffed animals. The Great Stuffy Takeover is just what you need! This fun and relatable book helps children understand the importance of limits while encouraging them to take responsibility for cleaning up their stuffy messes. Get your copy today!


Tessa and Emma adore their stuffed animals and have acquired quite a few over the years. But it’s not long before their house is completely overrun and things start to get a little out of control! Can the family find a solution to the growing collection and learn some valuable lessons along the way?

It can be difficult for children to understand the importance of setting limits and cleaning up, especially when it comes to their growing collections of toys.

When kids don’t understand how to manage their stuff, parents are left dealing with overwhelming messes and picky attitudes. It’s an exhausting and seemingly never-ending battle!

Introducing The Great Stuffy Takeover, a fun and relatable book that teaches children (and parents!) the importance of setting limits and cleaning up. With an engaging story that shows the consequences of too many stuffed animals, it’s a great way to help kids understand why it’s important to stay organized!

Read the newest collaboration between Max Coutard and Aneta Torchia, accomplished writer, legal case reviewer, and editor.

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8×8 in, 48 full colour pages.




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8 x 8 in(21.59 x 21.59 cm

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