Skeuomorphism and You

As a final English class assignment, we were tasked to write a research paper on any topic of our choosing—naturally, the intersections of skeuomorphism, deceptive design, gamification and mental health was the first option chosen.

As an extra layer, these illustrations were designed with a touch of analog texture to drive home the point of the paper in terms of relatability—it also helps that the flat, almost Corporate Memphis style is another subtle nod towards authenticity and how digital art can easily subvert our expectations.

And, they were fun to create! They served as a sort mixture of end-goal and stress oasis after a tumultuous semester; between assignments and freelance projects and personal events, the past few months have been a whirlwind.

So do me the pleasure of wading through my paper while listening to the curated Spotify playlist—yes, I do go overboard, why do you ask? Read the paper below: