Game, Set, Pellet

This little comic has been bouncing around in my mind for the last couple of months and with the deadline for Flamingo Market approaching, it was the perfect kick in the butt I needed to commit this to paper.

A few summers ago, I was learning how to play tennis. And when I learn a new skill, especially an engaging one, I tend to immerse myself as much as humanly possibly. Watching Youtube tutorials, reading blog posts and even late night/pre-dawn runs to practice. A weird side-effect was my dreams started to trend towards the sport.

So I thumbnailed this using a method I learned at the time, involving index cards. And then let it stew… Until this year.

Here’s a quick synopsis: Follow the hapless Hubert as he goes on a nightly run and encounters a mysterious beast on his route. Challenged to a tennis match, our hero must play for this life. Or face a ravenous appetite.

Enjoy this whimsical mini-comic printed and bound by hand. And now you can get your hands on both a digital and softcopy in my shop! As a bonus, the printed version comes with the digital copy too! Get yours today!