Teak Tide

Since graduating from my carpentry program, I’ve been itching to create something I haven’t made before. And with the new skills learned, why not make an eclectic piece which truly reflects my personal taste and commitment to sustainability?

After scouring yard sales and almost going home empty-handed, this two drawer teak piece spoke to me. Small, warm tones and particular curled pulls were too hard to resist. Once home, I started sketching ideas and few measurements later, I had a solid concept.

With a little help from digital tools, I mocked up a few color options, before setting foot in the hardware store. The vibrant “Kauai” tint was the obvious winner.

Building the pine supporting frame and legs was the most time-consuming, since I wanted to get them right the first time around. Mixed my own wood-filler paste using the dust from the new orbital sander I recently acquired and wood glue, it made the perfect compound to fill any cracks/defects in the build. And to ensure the legs would be sturdy, I drilled pocket holes into the frame. That was a steep learning experience and had to cut my teeth on a couple of practice boards before the final attempt.

What sets this side table apart is not only its exceptional quality, but also the personal touch that went into every step of its creation. This table wasn’t mass-produced; it was a labor of love and a personal project made with utmost care and attention to detail.

If you’re looking for a truly unique and handcrafted piece for your home or shop, the Teak Tide table is an excellent choice, which you can purchase below!